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Film and Media Studies

Our Vision

Media and Film is an important part of everyone’s lives, with both Media and Film evolving at a rapid and exciting rate.  Our vision is to galvanise on enthusiasm and passion for Media and Film; exploring varying forms of Media and Film in a variety of contexts.  Through the study of Media and Film, students will gain an analytical ‘toolkit’, develop creativity and explore original ideas in a fair and inclusive context.

Media and Film is an intensive and academic field of study with a specific film and media terminology and a plethora of theorists’ ideals to explore.  Commitment, drive, ambition and high expectations are the key motivators to inspiring, achieving and excelling within this exciting area of study.

Staff: Mr T McCartney; Miss S Doran


Key Stage 4 Film Studies

GCSE Film Studies is an exciting opening chapter in the study of Media and Film and provides students with the adequate bedrock of skills which aid study through to Key Stage 5.  Students will study six films which centre around the theme of ‘coming of age’ / ‘teen’ films.  Students are assessed in the form of two external examinations (70%) alongside the completion of an original screenplay (30%).

Year 11:

  • Introduction to Film Language
  • Set Film 1: Submarine
  • Set Film 2: Let the Right One In
  • Set Film 3: Slumdog Millionaire
  • Coursework – ongoing

Year 12:

  • Set Film 4: Juno
  • Set Films 5 & 6: Rebel Without a Cause & Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
  • Completion of coursework component

Please note: Written parental permission for study of set films is required in order to commence study.


Key Stage 5 Media Studies

Media Studies builds upon the expertise attained at GCSE level, alongside introducing a more expansive range of media language and theoretical perspectives.  The study of AS and A Level Media Studies is more expansive and accompanies more media forms: advertising and marketing, film marketing, music videos, newspapers, video gaming, radio, television, magazines and video blogs.  Within each form, there is a specified set text for students to develop their understanding of the varying areas of the media studies theoretical framework: Media Language, Representations, Industries and Audiences.

At both levels of study, students will complete 2 examinations, as well as completing original production pieces using ICT packages.  As an academic AS and A Level, there is an expectation of dedication to independent study and revision.

Year 13 – AS Level Media Studies (70% exam / 30% coursework)

Exam 1:

  • Advertising & Marketing: Tide, Kiss of the Vampire and Water Aid
  • Film Marketing: Straight Outta Compton
  • Music Video: Beyoncé - Formation
  • Newspapers: The Daily Mirror
  • Radio: Late Night Woman’s Hour: Home
  • Video Games: Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation

Exam 2:

  • TV: Humans S1 E1
  • Magazines: Vogue (July 1965)
  • Video Blogs: PointlessBlog


  • Research portfolio into magazines
  • Statement of Aims and Intentions (10 marks)
  • Production – creation of a wholly original: Magazine cover, contents page and double page feature article

Year 14 – A Level Media Studies (70% exam / 30% coursework)

Set products involve a more in-depth study of text covered during AS Level study, alongside:

Exam 1:

  • Film Marketing: I, Daniel Blake
  • Music Video: Vance Joy: Riptide
  • Newspapers: The Times

Exam 2:

  • TV: The Returned S1 E1
  • Magazines: The Big Issue (Oct 17-23 2016, No. 1227)
  • Video Blogs: DesiMag


  • Research portfolio into films
  • Statement of Aims and Intentions (10 marks)
  • Cross-media production:
    • 3 print products: DVD cover and 2 theatrical posters for differing global audiences
    • A sequence from a new mainstream radio or television news, current affairs or chat programme to promote your film to its target audience.

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