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Strangford College, Newtownards

Sixth Form Admission


Sixth Form Study at Strangford College

Sixth form study is non-compulsory education.  When a student has expressed the desire to enter sixth form at Strangford Integrated College (and GCSE results are available), they will be invited to attend an interview with members of senior staff.  This interview will assist and guide students in making appropriate choices. 

The College offers academic and vocational subjects, students can also choose a blend of these. 

Sixth Form study necessitates an aptitude for independent study and is not suitable for every student. Students should make an informed decision based on their GCSE performance. An academic profile which is wholly made up of GCSE equivalent courses such as OCN or Occupational studies may not be appropriate for the academic rigour of A level study.


Students who choose to take a subject offered in collaboration need to organise and finance their own transport to and from the partner centre. Collaboration will run on Monday and Wednesday mornings 9am-11.30am and students will start their day in the partner centre.

Criteria for admission

  • All applicants should pass a minimum of 5 GCSEs at Grade A*-C.
  • Points will be allocated to GCSE grades as follows: -

                        A* = 4; A=3; B=2; C=1.


An additional point will be awarded to students who have achieved both English and Maths at Grade C, or above.  A student who has achieved a grade C, or above in Additional Mathematics will receive an additional point to reflect the demands of this subject.

Students holding Short Course grades will receive half the points awarded for grades in full courses.

In allocating places, applicants will be rank ordered on points– highest to lowest.

  • All applicants for Sixth Form study will normally require a minimum of Grade B, or Merit in the subject they wish to study at A Level, or in a subject considered relevant. Students will be required to select a minimum of 3 subjects for AS level, reflecting breadth and balance. A student may study a maximum of 1 AS Level where they have attained a grade C, provided the subject leader recommends it, and exceptional circumstances apply.
  • Attendance –A minimum attendance record of 92% or greater is expected. A written declaration of attendance is required for external applicants.


Offer of Places

All offers of places will be based on: -

  1. a) Necessary grades and points for admission to sixth form – published grades on official documents.
  2. b) Record of attendance – a written declaration form for external applicants from previous school or college of 92% or greater in Year 12, unless exceptional circumstances apply.
  3. c) Aptitude for sixth form study – assessed at interview by senior staff.

No student will be admitted to sixth form at Strangford College unless both the student and the responsible parent(s) have read, agreed and signed the College Sixth Form Agreement.  It must be accepted without reservation that failure to adhere to the College Codes of Conduct and Uniform policy may result in the student being asked to seek to continue their education at an establishment other than Strangford College.

Applicants from other schools may be considered subject to acceptable school

report, attendance, work record and behaviour. These applications are also subject to approval by the Department of Education NI.


The College reserves the right to adapt the point and entry requirements as necessary.