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Strangford College, Newtownards

Pastoral Team

One of Strangford College’s top priorities is the well-being of all its students. All staff have pastoral responsibilities for the social, moral, academic and spiritual development of the students in their care. Teachers in their role as Form Teachers are given specific pastoral responsibility for their Form Class. They are members of a team consisting of all the Form Teachers of the same year group under the leadership of a Learning Co-ordinator (Year Head). The Learning Co-ordinators in turn form a team under the Head of Pastoral Care.

The Form Teacher will care for the students in their Form Class through daily contact. The Form Teacher should also be the first person to whom a student will turn to for help, support or advice. On occasion, it may be necessary to refer a particular matter to the Learning Co-ordinator, the Assistant Deputy Principals, the Deputy Principal or the Principal.

Learning Co-ordinators and Form Teachers 2018-19

Year 8 learning

Year 9 learning

Year 10 learning

Mrs G Gibson/Mrs N McBurney

Mr T McCartney

Mr J Kelly


Year 8 Form Teachers

Year 9 Form Teachers

Year 10 Form Teachers

Mr K Beare

Mrs C Mahood

Mr D Allen

Mrs J Beattie/ Mrs D Forbes

Mr C McGonnell

Mr G Boal

Dr A Fulcher

Mrs H Maginnis

Mrs E Henderson

Mrs J Greenaway

Ms J Purvis

Mr M Jones

Dr R Murphy

Mrs R Michael

Ms T Turnbull

Mr N Uprichard



Year 11 learning

Year 12 learning

POST-16 learning

Mrs l Milligan/Mrs J Lindoresm

Mr R O'Connor

Mrs N McClean


Year 11 Form Teachers

Year 12 Form Teachers

Post-16 Form Teachers

Ms J Cameron

Mr B Bellinger

Mrs K Boomer/Mrs K Newman

Ms A Humes

Mrs C Patterson

Mr A Coffey

Mrs J Lindores

Ms H Roulston

Mr M O'Brien

Mrs D Moore

Mrs J Swift

Ms C Van Der Schyff


* Extra support

Mrs D Purvis/Mrs R Beatie


School Counselling Service

The School has the services of Student Counsellor, provided by Family Works. Family Works maintains a strict code of confidentiality and its services are available to all students through self-referral.